Business Users

Business Users

With a reputation for quality, reliability and style, Hyundai vehicles will keep on delivering mile after mile. That’s why a Hyundai car fleet purchase could be one of the soundest business decisions you ever make.

Designed to improve the cost of ownership, the driving experience and the tax efficiency, Hyundai vehicles benefit both companies and drivers. Economically-friendly models mean you can drive further before filling up the tank, and enjoy a relaxed and smooth ride.

Equipped with all the latest mod cons, Hyundai cars really are great for both business and pleasure. From spacious vans to compact city runners, there is plenty of choice and something to suit every need.

Our friendly staff are experienced in all elements of the business market and are always willing to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to come on down to our showroom and maybe even book a test drive of your favourite model.

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Blue Drive

Our cars use innovative Blue Drive technologies to improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions. We don’t include them on every vehicle just so we can tick a box – only when it makes a real difference.

Technologies include Intelligent Stop & Go (ISG), low rolling resistance tyres and our Eco Drive Indicator, which shows drivers of our manual transmission cars the optimum time to change gear. By helping to make our cars fuel efficient, Blue Drive technology also keeps company car tax and running costs low.

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